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czwartek, 15 sierpnia 2013

Girl on the go#the skimm

When I was preparing for my final exams few months ago I did not had a lot of time to keep in touch with what is happening in the world, furthermore verify those information. 
So I started looking for a web which would provide me with short and reliable daily news. 
That is how I found theSkimm
And what can I say, I fell in love. 
What skimm is can be best described by the words of its team:

"theSkimm is the daily newsletter that simplifies the headlines for the educated professional who knows enough to know she needs more. We do the reading for you and explain it with fresh editorial content, breaking down what you need to know to start the conversation."

So if you are searching for a short daily update on what's going on, theSkimm is what you are looking for.

wtorek, 6 sierpnia 2013

Eating quickly and healthy#Oatmeal Cake

What you need:

Oatmeal Linseed (you do not need that one, but I add it to everything I can, because it is extremely good for your skin and not only) 
Water or Milk ( I add a little bit of water or soy milk, depending on with what I eat my oatcake) 
Drop of oil

That is pretty much all you need to the basic 
But I do not recommend eating it without any extras

With what you can eat your oatmeal cake?
1. Greek yogurt and berries 
2. Peanut butter and bananas 
3. Dark chocolate and strawberries 
4. Cottage cheese and raspberries
and anything that comes to your mind.

This time I made one with greek yogurt, blueberries and raspberries.

The recipe is very easy, you just mix all ingredients together and fry your oatmeal cake for few minutes
(Remember to switch sides, which can be very tricky). 
In the matter of proportions you need to find your own balance-
my advide is to try few options and go with the one that fits you the best. 
When your oatcake is ready, all you have to do is to add the extras you have chosen and your done!

The End
Bon appetit!


niedziela, 14 lipca 2013

What is in my purse

1. Wallet- big and black, present from my mother. I love this wallet! None the less, I have it for over 3 years and I need to start looking for a new one....-from Big Star

2. Calendar- It took me long time to find this beauty( again present from my mother). This is due to the fact that I was looking for a "school" calendar. As you might know, I just graduated from high school and I needed a calendar where I can write down all my exams, meeting etc. Plus, I wanted it to be also a  notebook. This one have it all. - From Empik

3. Book- I always have something to read in my purse. Most of the time I try to have magazines, my bag is heavy enought so I try not to add extra kilograms. However, lately I am reading "Vita Prada" by 

Luigi Paracchini and I can not part from this book.

4.Sunglasses- Simple must have in my purse. ( My advice: Look for those with sun protection)

5. Ipod- To be honest, from some time it is simply lying near my computer at home because I lost my cabel and cannot charge it.

6. Hair accesories- Lately I am in the phase where I like my hair loose, however, they tend to get little bit curly when it is wet so I always have some bobby pins and hairbands in my bag.- From H&M

7. Hand cream- I simply can't stand when my skin gets dry so this is one of the ultimate must have for me.- From Nivea

8. Antibacterial hand gel- Because you never know...Now, I have one from Marks and Spencer but to be honest I hate the smell, it is like a detergent. Fortunatelly, this one is almost finished and I already found a great one in Body Shop.

9. Vanity bag- This could go for another post... So in my bag I have small vanity bag, which to be honest belongs to my sister and I belive she bought it in H&M

What I keep in it:

- Mascara
- Concealer
- Lipstick
- Make-up remover wipes
- Deodorant wipes
Headache Tablets
- Tampons
- Plaster
 It is like women's "emergency bag"

10. Glasses- I need my glasses when I read

11. Umbrella- again you never know, so it is worth to have a small umbrella in your bag. You can live with wet hair, but 
flowing make-up can be a big problem( for emergencies like that I keep Make-up remover wipes in my bag).

12. Pen, Pencil and Rubber- If you said one you need to say two = If you carry calendar/notes you need something to write in it, with.

13. Tissues- Last but not least. You may not believe, but this one can be a lifesaver sometimes.

I am currently looking for one more thing- Stain remover pen( My question to you- do you know any good one?)

Ok, so that is pretty much what is in my bag. 

Normally I also have my phone, keys, bottle of water, some snack ( apple or nuts)and my laptop.
With all of that I am ready to conquer new day.
Of course this is not what I carry everytime. When I know that I am only going to one meeting or to the cinema
I happily embrace my small purses.

And what's in your bag?

wtorek, 2 lipca 2013

Eating-quickly and healthy#Salad with spinach and strawberries

I often look for easy recipes which will keep me healthy. In this section I want to share with you what I found and come up with. So, my first recipe is spinach-strawberries salad.

 What you need:
 Baby spinach

Strawberries mousse
Natural yogurt 
Balsamic vinegar 

I don't give you quantities because I believe that cooking in some way is about experiments, furthermore people have different tastes, so it may be fun to play with proportions-however, if you would like to know how I do my salad feel free to ask in the comment section.

What to do:
1. Wash spinach and strawberries 
2. Cut strawberries into slices 
3. Crush walnuts 
4. Mix spinach, strawberries and walnuts together in a bowl 
5. Mix all the dressing ingredients and sprinkle your salad with it 
6. Cut mozzarella into slices and put it on the salad

The End
Bon appetit!

My inspirations:

czwartek, 27 czerwca 2013

Bikini time

Summer is here...and for some that may not be a happy thought.
Ho,ho the happy bikini time!
There are probably three things you may do:

1. Buy good air conditioning and stay within your four walls.
2. Don't care and buy new swimsuit.
3. Get to work and then buy new swimsuit

For me workout is something which not only keeps me fit,
but most of all makes me feel better.
For less than a year now, I have been attending gym.
I am there two times a week. One meeting for TBC and Pilates
and the second one for Zumba.

However, there are times when I can't go to the gym
or I simply feel like having more exercises.
What to do in times like these?

My advice?


  • You decide how your workout is going to look like- you have thousands of options from Pilates to Cardio
  • It does't matter if you have 5 minutes or an hour you can fit your excercise plan to your own schedule
  • No extra time required- you don't have to drive to the gym you can just change and practice in your living room or any place you like.
  • You need more motivation to get to work than if you already bought a pass to the gym
  • Trainer behind the screen won't help you out if you have a problem with some excercises

These are just few pros and cons. If you would like to add some feel free to leave a comment below.

Now, where to start?
It depends on what type of workout you prefere. The easiest way is just to type it into YouTube and try yourself.
However, here are three channels I tried  myself:

1. Blogilates - Mostyly Pilates workouts with certified fitness instructor Cassey Ho. I know that not everyone is a fan of this kind of workout, mostly because people think that is is boring. However, I think that it really depends on the instructor you have.
I am a huge fan of pilates primarily because it strengthens your muscles without unduly expending them.

2. BeFit - Lots of diffrent types of workouts( Cardio, Yoga, Dancing, etc.) and what's important - different levels of advancement. 
So you may choose what fits you best. It is probably the most, let's say classic workout.

3. This one I already described on my other blog while writing on Youtube channels I like.
KymNonStop- What I like about Kym is her energy and the fact that her workouts are not to be classified as regular workouts
like " ABS" or " Aerobics" but they are more fitted to everyday life situations like f.e. "The Quickie - 5min Workout"

There is one thing I found lately and haven't tested yet
Victoria's secret train like an angel - no much to add here, I think that there is no person who would disdain a body of a Victoria's model.

So, that will be it for now, if you would like to know more on workouts or you have your own routines let me know.
Hope you enjoyed this post.

piątek, 21 czerwca 2013

Let's Start!

Whom is this blog adressed to?

Sorry, Boys but this one is for girls mostly.
I am not saying that you won't find anything in here. As a matter of fact, I will be happy if you will.

But, to put it straight this blog is for women who "want to have it all" and at the same time look good and not lose one's nerve.

What will this blog be about?

Basically everything which may:
- save your time
- make your wallet heavier
and give you some ideas on,  how to keep in touch with the current events without compromising your appearance
+ hopefully, from time to time show the women's world with a pinch of salt.


I am not a specialist of any kind.
These are simply the ideas that I stumbled upon some time in my life and found useful or interesting to such a degree that convinced me to test them and share them with you.

So, let' start!